CIPD Says War on Talent ‘Set to Intensify’

Talent Futures > CIPD Says War on Talent ‘Set to Intensify’


As we have been predicting ourselves in our two recent blogs the War on Talent is set to intensify.

Can You win the Global Talent War

Third World War begins Now – Recruitment Agencies Mercenaries or Allies?


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In this weeks Press release the CIPD chief economist, Mark Beatson stated:

“Businesses tell us they’ve been struggling to find the right people with the right skills even when the labour market has been at its most sluggish. A stronger labour market suggests that the competition for talent that never went away entirely may be about to increase in intensity once again. Employers who want to steal a march on their competitors will need to be thinking hard about how they attract, retain and develop their workforces.” 


If you wish to read the full transcript click here. We believe it is a very good article that raise a number of issues that socially all recruiters should be aware of.


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