Construction Recruiter Cup Final Q1/Q2… as your sector set to boom in 2020.

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Construction Recruiter Cup Final Q1/Q2… as your sector set to boom in 2020.

The construction industry is a traditional bell-weather of the UK economy in recent years and in 2020 it seems it is no different.

The early signs from our clients are that 2020 is already looking good. The REC Jobs outlook published last week points to a rise in employer confidence in Q4 2019 rising to +9 in December.

The purchasing managers index (PMI) hit a 16-month high hitting 52.4 in January 2020 up from a negative growth level of 49.3 in December (Any figure under 50 indicates a contraction, while any over 50 represents growth.)

Finally, the RICS has released a report saying that the shortfall in the number of workers in the Construction industry is 200,000.

As we predicted in our blog – Top 5 Recruitment Sectors for growth in 2020 construction is going to be the number one sector for growth in 2020.

Now more than ever the top Construction Recruitment Agencies need to secure their workers. These are critical times for construction recruitment agencies and worker and candidate relationship skills are going to be key. There are some burning questions you will need to answer such as:

  • Are your consultants trained in worker and candidate relationship management?
  • How skilled are you at managing the candidate process?
  • Do they have the advanced candidate sourcing skills required to thrive in this market?
  • Do you have the worker and candidate propositions to attract the best workers?
  • Will your clients be responsive enough to the dynamics of the market?

All of these questions you will need answers to as Q1 – 2020 unfolds.

For those that have put in the hard graft of training, building candidate and client relationships now is your time to shine and reap your rewards… for those who haven’t it may be a fight for your lives.

The final twist is that the HMRC has decide to press ahead with their changes to IR35. The word is this is introducing a whole new dynamic in this equation and with offshore construction businesses struggling to deliver key projects in the Middle East, North America, Asia and even Europe paying premiums to attract our workers. The lure of working aboard is pulling many of our highly experienced and best technical engineers away from the UK which has the potential to make the task of filling these jobs even harder.

Either way if you have put in the hard yards construction recruiters, now is your time…. Your Cup Final.

… if your technique or skills are lacking or weak you may struggle as the pressure comes on and your clients start screaming for workers in the anvil of fire ahead as the construction market really heats up in Q1/Q2 of 2020.

Only time will tell…

“Carpe Diem – Seize the day”

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