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Top 5 Recruitment Sectors to be in for next 5-10 years

Top 5 Recruitment Sectors to be in for next 5-10 years With unemployment typically running at 8-11% across the developed economies of the world it seems bizarre to be talking about skills shortages but that is the reality of the world today. In last weeks blog ‘Can we win the Global Talent War’ I mentioned...
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Can You win the Global Talent War

    If you read my blog ‘Third World War begins Now – Recruitment Agencies Mercenaries or Allies?’ then you will know that over the next 5-15 years the world is a facing seismic escalation in the ‘War-on-Talent’. The 140 million shortfall in skilled workers that China alone will face by 2030 is testament to...
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Third World War begins Now – Recruitment Agencies Mercenaries or Allies?

    Dramatic? Possibly but the scale of what the world faces over the next few years is beyond anything we have ever experienced in our history and the consequences for the global War-on-Talent are massive. Read on and form your own opinion.   In recent months there have been a number of reports released...
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Four Steps to turn an Ad-hoc client into a Corporate Cash-cow

    It is every recruitment consultants dream to turn their great individual client relationships with single line managers into lucrative corporate customers that will ensure their lasting success and prosperity. After 30 years in recruitment sales I now find myself, as a business development expert, trainer and coach, being asked this question repeatedly several...
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Inspire a generation – Determination and Courage

When Lord Coe and the London 2012 Olympic Bid Delegation travelled to Singapore in 2005 to bid for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, their vision was to use the power of the Games to inspire lasting change. Since then ‘Inspire a Generation’ has become a phrase we are all familiar with. As a father...
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Want to know how to win 70% of pitches?

  Wouldn’t that be fantastic, impossible some say, you’re crazy cant be done. Well it can. This summer we have seen a group of young men and women take on the best in the world and beat them 7 times out of 10. In fact, but for disqualification’s the percentage could have been higher. At...
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Is Buying an Emotional Decision?

In today’s highly scientific and rational world we live in, many believe there is no place for emotion in our decision making. In fact people who base their decisions on emotions are scorned upon in society and most especially in business. Yet I would challenge this and assert that emotion plays a very significant part...
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Winning Corporate Clients starts with your mindset?

Regular fees, repeat sales, prestigious customers and business credibility these are just some of the benefits of securing business with a corporate customer and in the current economic climate prized by most businesses operating in Recruitment. In these troubled times there are many businesses not just those in recruitment who are asking this question -How...
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